Most people who want to make an RV trip on the west coast of the United States choose to do the Golden Circle, the RV trip almost everyone does when travelling along the west coast. To show you that there is much more then just the Golden Circle we made this route. This route will take you beyond California even though almost everyboy stays in California or only visits Las Vegas in Nevada.
We want to remember you that this route is just a suggestion you can make the route longer or shorter if you would like to. You could also choose to stay a couple of days longer in one place if you like it. We really want to encourage you to change these ‘standard’ routes to really make it your own. You can find the second route on the west coast underneath here:

-Day 1
This is the day your big RV trip wil begin! Your trip starts in Los Angeles. This is the city where you will pick up your RV and your first destination will be Kings Canyon National Park. The drive is about 255 miles long and it should take you about 5 hours.
-Day 2
Your stay in Kings Canyon National Park will be for a short period of time because today you will be heading to San Francisco! The drive is about 270 miles long and it should take you about 4 hours en 45 minutes.

san francisco-Day 3
You don’t have to drive today you can simply enjoy and discover San Francisco.

-Day 4
You’re leaving San Francisco and the next stop will be in Redding. The drive is about 215 miles long and it should take you 3 hours and 15 minutes. This a great stop for when you are travelling around with an RV. There is enough to do in Redding, but you could also choose to just get some rest. Tomorrow you will head to an other state: Oregon!

-Day 5
The first place you will visit in Oregon will be Eugene. The drive is quite long it’s about 315 miles and it should take you 5 and a half hour.

-Day 6
The trip continues and you are heading to Portland, the biggest city of the state! The drive is only 110 miles and it shouldn’t take you longer then 2 hours.

-Day 7portlandoregon
Today you will get some rest and get the chance to discover Portland! Tomorrow your RV trip will continue.

-Day 8
Your destination today will be the last destination in the state Oregon, Klamath Falls. This is just a small place that suites the purpose of resting place during a trip very wel. The drive is 280 miles long and it should take you about 5 hours.

-Day 9
You are returning to a place that you will recognize: Redding! The drive is about 140 miles long and it should take you abour 2 hours and 30 minutes.

-Day 10
Redding was just a stop today you are heading to Sacramento. The drive is about 160 miles and that should take you 2 hours and 30 minutes.

-Day 11
Today you are heading to another national park: Yosemite National Park! The drive is about 170 miles and that should take you about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Mule Train - Yosemite National Park - CADay 12
You will have the whole day to discover Yosemite National Park.

-Day 13
You are leaving Yosemite National Park behind  and you are heading to Las Vegas! Prepare for a really long drive because the drive is about 375 miles and it should take you 6 hours and 30 minutes.

-Day 14
Las Vegas is to great to just spend a couple of hours there so today you will spend the whole day in Las Vegas! Discover this amazing city or if you feel lucky you can visit one of the casino’s.

-Day 15
After being in the busy city Las Vegas you might need some peace and nature around you and that’s why you are heading to Joshua Tree National Park. The drive is about 180 miles long and it should take you 3 hours and 30 minutes.

-Day 16losangeles
Today is the last day of your amazing RV trip so you are heading back to Los Angeles. The drive is about 150 miles and it should take you 2 hours and 30 minutes. Maybe you have the time to enjoy LA a little bit more or maybe you are heading home right away in both cases you will have a fantastic trip to look back at.

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