Grand Canyon


This trip goes to Los Angeles and comes back at Los Angeles which means that you could hand in your rv at the same place as you picked it up. Most of the time this option is cheaper and easier. Keep in mind that you’re always free to change this trip to your own preferences!

– Day 1
Pick up your RV in Los Angeles. Stay in Los Angeles for today.

– Day 2
Today, explore Los Angeles: the Walk of Fame, the expensive shop, and houses in Beverly Hills and the Getty Center. On top of that Los Angeles has a lot of theme parks, it’s easiest to have a look at what you are going to do before. When you have seen everything you wanted to see in Las Vegas, we will travel further to Palm Springs! The drive is 100 miles. 

– Day 3
Today we are making a long drive, 4 hours, but it will be worth it! Spent the rest of your day in Phoenix, you might want to visit the town Tombstone, it has beautiful histories. Las Vegaaas

– Day 4
Today your trip continues, we are heading to the Grand Canyon! We drive via Sedona.

– Day 5
Walk along the miles wide gap or make a flight above the Canyon. From South Rim footpaths are set or you could get to the bottom of the Canyon on a donkey.

– Day 6
We are heading to Monument Valley! Monument Valley has over the years become a famous place to shoot movies. This is because of it’s wide deserts, and beautiful monuments. Follow a hiking tour or walk around by yourselves. This drive is 200 miles.

– Day 7
We are heading to the gambling city of the United States, don’t forget to walk along the Las Vegas Boulevard. This drive is 420 miles.

– Day 8
Stay in Las Vegas today, enjoy the city, visit some casinos or liveshows.

death valley– Day 9
Via Nevada you are driving to Death Valley National Park,this drive will take you about hours, this deep gap is far beneath sea level and is hot and dry. You could also visit the place Badwater, which is the lowest point of the United States.

– Day 10
The landscape totally changes when you are heading to Yosemite National Park. It brings you an agricultural area and woods. In the park itself you could go to the valley and the falls. If you are lucky you might spot some black bears.

– Day 11
The next place we will be visiting is San Francisco, visit Chinatown, Alcatraz the prison island, the Golden Gate River Bridge or visit one of the plenty musea.Vineyards

– Day 12
Visit San Francisco, visit the Japan Center, Lombard Street, Union Square and the San Francisco Museum or Modern Art.

 – Day 13
In 4 hours you will drive to Santa Maria, Santa Maria has a lot of vineyards, you should visit one!

 – Day 14
You will drive south, this is the end of your trip, hand in your rv in Los Angeles or travel f urther if you like.

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