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This route will take you from the famous San Diego to the beautiful seacoast of Monterey! Keep in mind that you are always free to expand or change this trip to your own preferences.

San_Diego_Coronado_bridge01– Day 1
Pick up the RV in San Diego. For this day, stay in San Diego. Visit the city and enjoy!

– Day 2
Today we are travelling to: El pueblo de nuestra Senora la Reina de los angeles de porciuncula, or Los Angeles! We are only 2 hours away from the walk of fame, Hollywood Hill and the beautiful city skylines! If you want you could drive through Anaheim and visit Disneyland!

– Day 3
Enjoy today in Los Angeles, go to the Universal studios, the walk of fame or travel to Hollywood Boulevard. Or drive to Anaheim to visit Disneyland!

Bakersfield_CA_-_sign– Day 4
Today’s trip goes to Bakersfield, a 111 miles trip. When arrived in Bakersfield, have a look at Riverlakes Ranch, visit Hart park and spot Peacocks and have dinner at Crystal Palace museum.

– Day 5
Today we are making a long drive (3 hours) to Modesto. If you are a daredevil, you should absolutely go river rafting there! It’s adventurous and in the meanwhile you can enjoy the nature.

– Day 6
We are heading to Sacramento! Sacramento is the capital of California, and known for its architecture.

– Day 7
Visit the city of Sacramento, eat ice cream, visit an outdoor theater and, if you like, do a bit of shopping!

– Day 8
San Francisco here we come!

– Day 9
Visit Pier 39 and have a look at the sea lions and at night, visit the Golden gate bridge.Aerial_view_-_Monterey_CA

– Day 10
We are travelling to San Jose, a 50 mile drive. Visit some museums and enjoy the city.

– Day 11
Drive to Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz is famous for its beautiful nature. Visit the Natural Bridges State Park! Also Santa Cruz is known for its vineyards, don’t doubt to visit one. This is 40 minutes drive.

– Day 12
Drive in an hour to Monterey and enjoy your stay there.

 – Day 13
You can choose to end your trip and hand in you RV or to travel further.

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