CALIFORNIA – west coast.

A really popular route for an RV trip is in California on the west coast. Maybe that’s because California has everything. You will find sunny beaches, big forests and even lonely roads. Most of the people think that this route is only to visit the big cities but that’s not true! Of course you will find some big cities along the road but also a lot of nature and spectacular views. This is an amazing route for an RV trip! We will describe some  routes for your RV trip on the west coast.

Route 1: Western Highlights
This is one of the best known routes on the West Coast. That’s because you will visit the most special cities and national parks. It’s a long route but it’s worth it!

Route 2: West Coast, but not only the highlights
Even though you will not only see highlights on this route, it’s a great route to combine peace and nature with cities and hectic.

Route 3: Be surprised by a West Coast route without ‘big highlights’
On this route you aren’t going to see any of the so called ‘big highlights’ of the Golden Circle. Be surprised about what the west coast has to offer!

Route 4: California!
This route limits itself to California only, this route doesn’t include a lot of driving but the places differ anyways!

Route 5: West coast, Grand Canyon and  beautiful nature
This route has lots of variation, it shows you the beautiful nature of the Grand Canyon, the vineyards in Santa Maria and the death valley. But also gives you industrial gambling cities.

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  1. deep in memory , my first trip in 1978 , its time to escape the routine for a new trip in 2013,greetings from barcelona,manfred

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