On this page we will give an example route. You can mix it with an other route or figure something out on your own.

-Day 1

Your journey starts in Miami, you can fly at the Miami airport or drive to Miami. You will have one day to pick up your RV and have a small rest.

-Day 2

You will be heading to Key Largo! The drive will take you about 1 and a half hour. We recommend you to visit the wild birds rehabilitation center. Enjoy the nature, the culture and especially the people.


-Day 3

Today we are making a 2 hour drive to Key West. While visiting Key West you should go to the Southern most point. The famous author, mister Hemingway has lived in Key West. Although mister Hemingway isn’t alive anymore his house still is  on the same place and ready to be visited. If you go there you should have a good look at the cats. Considering the fact they have six toes.

-Day 4

Spend a whole day in Key West, go shopping in Duval street, go diving, rent a bike or relax at the Gulf of Mexico and prepare for a long drive tomorrow.

-Day 5

We are driving back to Key Largo, another 2 hour drive. While driving make sure the passengers have a good look at the sea, trying to spot dolphins. A fun thing to stop at is Robbie’s tarpon feeding. A place where you can feed tarpons, only for the real daredevils!

-Day 6

Your last day in Key Largo, totally free to do anything. We would advise to go visit shipwrecks, the beach or for the true shopaholics go and find a good place to shop.


-Day 7

Today you will drive through the beautiful Everglades to Fort Myers Beach! It’s a long drive but totally worth it. Don’t forget to enjoy the nature and make a stop at a nature park. Or make an airboat tour. This drive takes about 3 hours.

-Day 8 and 9

Spend the next 2 days in Fort Myers beach. There are lots of things to do, we advise you to take a look at home what you want to do so you have more time to enjoy what you are going to do.

-Day 10

We are heading to Orlando! But we do want to stop at Spook hill in Lake Wales first. In total this drive will take 3 and a half hours. Don’t worry, after this long drive we’ve got 4 days to spend in Orlando.

-Day 11, 12, 13 and 14

Enjoy Orlando, visit some of the amazing Disney parks or go shopping at one of the malls. Visit the M&M store and go sightseeing. There’s enough to do in Orlando!

-Day 15

Our trip has almost come to an end, today we are driving to Miami Beach and spending the next two days there. Either at the beach, in the bus or anything else. This is a 3 and a half hour drive.

-Day 16 and 17

Enjoy your days in Miami Beach.

-Day 18

We are heading back to Miami to return the RV and catch our plane or drive back home.


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