On this page we will give an example route. You can mix it with an other route or figure something out on your own. This route is not a circle. That means that you won’t start in the same place as where you end your route. At some RV rental companies this is cheaper and at some companies it’s more expensive. You could also drive to the place where you started to return your RV.

-Day 1
You will be heading to Orlando! Maybe you will drive to Orlando and maybe you will fly to Orlando. It doesn’t matter, the first five days you will spend in Orlando.

-Day 2, 3, 4 and 5
You can enjoy Orlando to the fullest. Pay a visit to one of the dozens theme parks or visit a nice museum. We recommend you to make a selection of theme parks and other things that you want to visit during these days because there is to much to visit in a few days. For some more inspiration you can look at some theme parks that we described for you by clicking here.

-Day 6
Today your trip will really begin. You will drive to Miami! The drive is about 3-4 hours so you will have enough time to visit the Kennedy Space Center. When you’re in Miami you can take it easy because you will stay here for 2 days.

-Day 7
Enjoy the beautiful beaches and all the other things you can do. Make sure you visit a visitor center to get all the up to date information about all the things you can do in Miami.

universal-Day 8
Today you will make a short drive to the Keys. This is a small island group that is connected to each other with bridges. This is a paradise for divers and dolphin lovers. You will spend three nights in the south of Key Largo.

-Day 9 and 10
You have two days to enjoy and relax at your resort (or in your RV) or you could go on adventure! One of the great things to do is drive to Key West. This is a two hour drive and you will have a spectacular view when you are on the road. You could also visit the theater of Seas where you can swim with dolphins or you could enjoy a dolphin show.

-Day 11
Today you will drive through the Everglades to Fort Myers. The drive is about 210 miles long. You can enjoy the everglades perfectly when your driving in your RV. You could also decide to pay a visit to the Everglades. When you are in Fort Myers you will stay there for three days.

-Day 12 and 13
These are your last two days of your wonderful trip. You could enjoy the beaches or make a day trip to Sanibel Island. But there are more things to do. You could make a dolphin cruise, go kayaking or visit a museum.
Day 14

In the morning you will return your RV and return home.

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