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This trip is from the north to the south of Florida. Remember that you are always free to expand or change this trip to your preferences!

-Day 1
Enjoy Miami, pick up you rv, enjoy the city, the people and the famous places!Downtown_Miami_aerial_2008

-Day 2
Fort Lauderdale, here we come! Fort Lauderdale brings you white beaches, clubs and cafes. A must-have been there is las Ollas Boulevard. A 30 minutes drive. Spent two days in Fort Lauderdale.

-Day 3
Today’s trip goes to Palm Bay! A two and a half hour drive.

-Day 4
We are leaving for St. Augustine. St. Augustine is known for its history. If you are a daredevil, you could visit one of the haunted houses, or a haunted tour. If you want to know what else you can do in St. Augustine click here.

-Day 5, 6 and 7
We are a 127 miles away from Kissimmee. Kissimmee is located south of Orlando, therefore it is possible to visit one or more attraction parks or visit Orlando. Visit Kissimmee, Orlando and some attraction or water parks, enjoy!


-Day 8

In one hour and 15 minutes you drive to Tampa, some funny and not widely known facts about Tampa: unmarried woman can not do a parachute jump on sundays, they may be jailed. And that it is illegal to sing when you are  wearing a bathing suit.

-Day 9Tampa_Florida_November_2013-2b
A two hour drive will take you to the beautiful city of Fort Myers. Fort Myers brings you beautiful wide beaches but further except a few shops and some restaurants there’s not too much to do. Enjoy your day and evening here.

-Day 10
A drive of 43 miles will bring you to Naples. The beach of Naples is white and 16 kilometers long. You should visit the historical inner city, the Naples Pier, the Naples zoo and the botanic gardens.

-Day 11
We are driving to Miami! In two hours you can enjoy the beautiful city again. You can chose to hand in your rv there or to travel to Miami Beach or expand your holiday with a trip toward the Florida Keys.

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