Florida the South East Coast of the US has all year through a nice climate. The sun is always shining and the beaches are just perfect. Most people think Florida is only sandy beaches, sun and a lot of tourists but that’s not completely true. There are a lot of theme parks in Florida. A lot of people visit these parks. The theme parks are really different from each other and for everyone there is a theme park. On some other pages we will describe some of the biggest en most popular parks. The beaches are white with really clear water. But there is more then big beaches with thousands of people. You will find enough places where it’s peacefully quiet.

To help you a little bit we give some examples of RV trips that you can make in Florida. Of course you can make some changes in the routes and make your own adventure. We encourage you to mix some different routes or pieces of routes.

-Route 1: Florida part 1

-Route 2: Florida part 2

-Route 3: Florida part 3

-Route 4: Florida part 4

-Route 5: Florida par5

-Route 6: Florida part 6

-Route 7: Florida part 7


If you want some more information about Florida and RV trips in Florida you can click here. We wrote some information about Florida here so you will get a better idea of the state.

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