This page will give you a possible route if You are thinking about combining route 66 and a part of the west coast. Remember that You are always free to adapt this route to your own preference. Also this route is quite long and includes a lot of driving. You are free to expand this trip or make it shorter.

Day 1Skylne Chicago
Start your trip with a day in Chicago, enjoy some musea, go shopping, enjoy the city and discover the inner city of Chicago.

Day 2
Today your RV trip really will start,  in Chicago and you will be driving to the Kankakee river state park. The drive is about 60 miles.

Day 3
Enjoy yourselves in and around the Kankakee river state park,

Day 4
Your trip will continue! The next stop will be Bloomington, after a 87 mile drive You will arrive in the city of Bloomington! Go hiking, go to the zoo, or if the weather is really good, go swimming! Also relax for a bit, a long drive is coming for tomorrow!

Day 5
Today Your trip will go to St. Louis. St. Louis is surrounded by campgrounds, therefore everybody’s wishes can be taken for granted, while choosing a campground. The drive will take about 3 hours.

Day 6
Today You can stay at the campground to relax but You can also get out and visit St. Louis. St. Louis has lots of touristic attractions to go to, like Six Flags St. Louis or if You would rather keep it calm, visit the zoo.

Day 7
Today’s drive goes to: Tulsa, Oklahoma! A long drive, 6 hours, but it is totally worth the drive! Enjoy the rest of the day, and evening (tip: Tulsa, Oklahoma has beautiful skylines!).

Day 8
Have a good rest and prepare for a really long drive tomorrow. Also have a look at the art deco buildings in the city.

Day 9
Today we have a long drive to go, namely 9 and a half hours. Denver! (When you have more days to make this trip, of course you can expand this trip by making extra stops.)

Day 10
Take well-deserved rest today. Visit Denver, the Rocky mountains, the Red Rock, Botanic gardens or visit the zoo!Red Rocks-Denver

Day 11
Enjoy yourselves in and around Denver.

Day 12
You are heading to Rock Springs today, a 341 mile drive. Enjoy the nature, Adobe town, white mountains and the Upper New Fork river.

Day 13
Make a 3 hour drive to Salt Lake City. Spot wild animals at the Great Salt Lake and prepare for the last long drive of this trip.

Day 14
Today’s drive will be to Santa Monica, a really famous place because it is at the end of route 66. You could stop your trip here or you can make one more stop in San Francisco. This ride will take about 10 hours.

Day 15
Spend the day in Santa Monica, visit the beach or look for fun attractions.

Day 16
With a 5 hour drive to San Francisco, this trip will be ended. You can stay in San Francisco, or stay a few days longer in Santa Monica.

Day 17
This is the last day of your RV trip on the combined Route! Hand in your RV or continue your trip.

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