Route 66 is an old historical highway. On the thirtieth of April 1926 the Route 66 was officially opened. The historical highway almost existed for 60 years, but in 1985 the official highway closed, but you can still drive over the Route 66. The route is really popular with tourists and especially with people who are making a long RV trip through The United States. There is so much to see and to do on this route. The history is literally all around you.
The route is 2448 miles long so the route is long enough to make a great RV trip!

If you click on the link of the route below here, you will find a possible route that we made for you. Of course you could change some things and we recommend you to do that so you can make your whole own trip. You can choose to stay a couple of days in a specific city or on a specific campground.

The route that we describe will take about 9 days so this is a perfect route to combine with another route or other cities and national parks. You can especially combine this route with things on the West Coast. Think about Las Vegas, San Francisco or a nice national park. For more inspiration you can look at the button RV destinations on our site. For more information about the West Coast and a possible route you can visit our page about California.

It’s also fun to combine the Route 66 with a route of the category coast to coast. We have one example of a combined route and it’s called: Coast to Coast and Route 66.

Day planning for The Route 66

-RV trip Route 66

-RV trip Route 66 combined with the West coast 

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  1. Rhonda newburn says:

    We are coming to the us in November/December and have hired an rv for 13 days to get us from LA to Dallas. Do you any of your rv travellers who may have an itinery which would suit us. We have been to the us many times but this is our first rv drive. We have seen all the Vegas, Grand Canyon etc attractions and due to it being colder weather have decided up trip will need to go further south to ensure we don’t need to go into the snow this time.
    Can you help, we would appreciate any advice you can give us
    Kind regards

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