The pioneer

For who is this route?
This route is for everyone who can enjoy history, museums and nature.

-Day 1
This day starts in Portland. One of the fun things to do here is visit the Collection of Native American Art at the Portland Art Museum. After your visit to this museum you will be heading east to the Wild West of Oregon. One of the largest Rodeos in the US is located in Pendleton.  Every September  a rodeo event is hosted here. When you are here in September make sure that you visit this rodeo. One of the other things you need to do is pay a visit to Tamastlikt Interpretive Center. It offers a glimpse at the life of Native Americans in this region.

-Day 2
Today you are still heading east to La Grande and Union. You can still see some cowboys just like in the old days. You’re driving to the Wallowa Mountains.  This is the burial place of Nez Perce Chief Joseph. Wallowa had a lake that you could visit and the town of Joseph has a lot of art galleries so there is enough that you can do!

-Day 3
If you visit Oregon in the summer months you should head to Hells Canyon on the scenic highway and you can explore the main streets of the small communities on the way to historic Baker City. You will feel like you are walking in a movie when you visit these communities. At the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center you can follow the routes which the wagons of the Oregon Trail pioneers carved into the prairie more then 150 years ago.

-Day 4
A day trip to Ontario’s Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum traces the settlement of the immigrants that moved to  the USA. One of the interesting things is that the Center offers a look at a barrack of the internment camp for Japanese-Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor. This will be a very interesting day!

-Day 5
On this last day you’re heading west on Highway 7 and you will visit the gold digging operation of The Summer Valley Dredge, an Oregon State Park. Make sure that you make a couple of stops on the way. Don’t miss the stop at the John Day National Monument. End this route relaxed and just enjoy the ride.

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