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For who is this route?
Everybody can do this route because it’s so beautiful and fun to do. But people who love wine, arts and theater will enjoy this route the most.

-Day 1
The first day of the route begins in Portland. You will start of with a visit to a couple of winebars in Portland. You can find these winebars in The Pearl District and downtown. Another great tip is to visit the theater at the Portland Performing Arts Center.

-Day 2
The day begins with a short drive. You will drive into the heart of the wine country around Dundee and Newberg. You have a hard choice to make. There are so many wineries to visit.

-Day 3
Today you will drive a little bit further. The drive starts on country roads between rolling hills. On some points there are vineyards as far as you can see. You will arrive in Monmouth. In this place there are a lot of different museums. You can visit The Jensen Arctic Museum or an other museum. Make sure that you visit the visitors center so you know where all the museums and other fun stuff to do are in the city.

-Day 4
You are heading south today. You will visit Eugene. Winery tasting rooms and a lot of different  art galleries are waiting for you. During the year there are  a couple of festivals. If you are lucky you can visit one!

-Day 5
You can choose to do some different things today. You can visit the Oregon Caves National Monument. Another thing you can do is discover some excellent wineries. These wineries are located along Highway 199. We recommend to visit the Oregon National Monument because if you do this route you will visit enough other wineries. Another option is to expand your RV trip with 1 day.

-Day 6
You are heading to Jacksonville. There are some different festivals during the year in Jacksonville. Make sure that you can visit one! One of the most known festivals here is the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. You can also go to the theater where you an enjoy the classical repertoire of the theater. This is at his best from February to October.

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