Oregon is a state on the West Coast of the US. The state has some special things you need to know. You will find a list of these things here:
-Oregon is a state where you can cycle very well. Actually you can say that Oregon is the cycle capital city of the United States.
-On the Mt. Hood you can ski or snowboard year-round.
-Hells Canyon is the deepest Canyon in the world.

These tips and suggestions are just to give you an idea of what you can do in Oregon. Most of the people forget to visit this state during there RV trip. That’s a waste because the state is really beautiful. You can combine some routes that we suggest or do one of the short trips through Oregon while you are doing an other route on the West Coast.

We have four different routes for you and you can find them below.
-Oregon route 1
Oregon route 2
-Oregon route 3
-Oregon route 4

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