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This page will give you a possible route if you are thinking about travelling all along the east coast. Remember that you are always free to adapt this route to your own preference.  You are free to expand this trip or make it shorter.

Day 1
Welcome in new york City! Take at least one day to enjoy, discover and walk through the streets of new york! Take all the time you need for this beautiful city.

Day 2
When you are ready, let’s go to the next beautiful and famous city: Philadelphia! A 94,4 miles drive, after that, enjoy the city! Don’t forget Franklin Square, which has recently been renovated and now has lots of new attractions such as mini golfing and  a carousel.

Day 3Washington DC George Washington monument
Enjoy today in Philadelphia, there’s plenty to see, visit and do. Go to musea, visit parks and, at night, look at the beautiful skyline and all the lights.

Day 4
Your trip will be continued by driving to Washington DC, the national capital of America. This ride takes about two and a half hours.

Day 5
Visit memorials and monuments, such as the Washington monument, the Licoln memorial and the Jefferson memorial. Have a look at the white house and you might want to go shopping!

Day 6
Today’s drive is 209 miles, We are going to Virginia Beach! This place is famous within tourists because of its wide beaches and events in summertime. Virginia Beach has boulevards with a great atmosphere.

Day 7
Five and a half hours will be the longest drive of this trip, we are going to Myrtle Beach. When arrived, you should absolutely have a look at the Spring Maid Beach Pier!

Day 8
Enjoy today at Myrtle’s Beach!

Day 9
Make a two hour drive to Charleston, visit the Charleston city market, Isle of Palms and to do some shopping if you want to, on King Street.

Day 10
Prepare for a three and a half hours drive to Jacksonville! Once arrived in Florida, the sunshine state, they say, enjoy the sun, beaches, water and the beautiful city.

Sunrise OrlandoDay 11
When arrived in Orlando I would recommend visiting some of the attraction or water parks. I would also recommend to stay there a little bit longer, so you can take the time to visit attraction parks and the city.

Day 12
Our last stop will be at Miami! You can choose to travel to Miami Beach, to stay in Miami and return your Rv or you can have a look at our expansion for this route which makes you travel to Key West, via Key Largo.

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