On this page you will find routes for the RV trip ‘Coast to Coast’. These routes are actually just an inspiration for you, but you could also choose to use this route. You could also combine two routes togheter to make your RV trip much more special!

Coast to Coast: Route 1
-Coast to Coast and Route 66: Route 2
-Coast to Coast: Route 3

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  1. Kj Dalton says:

    Best route from Seacost New Hampshire to Bend, Oregon?

    • Jeffrey says:


      Well that’s a difficult question, there are so much possibilities. I would absolutely go to Chicago first. On your way to Chicago you could go to Cleveland, there are enough cultural things to see, but I don’t know more than that about Cleveland ( if you are interested I could get you some more information.)
      It’s also fun to drive on Route 66 you could do that for a while, but that is a detour if you leave Chicago.

      If you don’t want to make a detour I would do the next:
      After Chicago I would go to Omaha and after that Denver. The next destination would be Salt Lake City and after that i would make my way to Bend, Oregon.

      I don’t know when you need this information, but I think that in the next 2-3 weeks I will start writing the pages for the coast to coast routes so I will have more information for you than.

      I hope this information is helpfull and if you have any questions pleas ask them.

      With kind regards,
      Jeffrey ( team)

  2. SHEY says:

    I was wondering what the best route would be from Los Angeles to Orlando with two children? Also how many days to allow?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hello Shey,

      I think that our second trip from coast to coast is the best for you. The trip will take you 14 or 15 days (depending on how long you want tot travel on one day)
      I’ve looked up some things for you. These are the cities and the things that you can do with children in the city:
      -Orlando ( enough theme parks to spend a day or two in the city)
      -Jacksonville (you could take a river cruise here and there are special river cruises for children)
      -Birmingham (there is a museum here but the museum has a webpage with a lot of tips for visiting a museum with children. You can find this website if you open our page about Birmingham)
      -Oklahoma City (the city has a nice zoo where you can spend a whole day)
      -Amarillo (there is a theme park in Amarillo)
      -Santa Fe is not really fun for children, but it is a really nice town. You could also choose to go to Albuquerque.
      -Flagstaff (the city has a wildlife park and you could visit the Grand Canyon from here)
      -You’ve reached your destination Los Angeles/Santa Monica

      I hope that I’ve given you enough information and you can find more information on our pages about the cities, trips, national parks and theme parks. If you have more questions you can always send another comment.

      With kind regards,
      Jeffrey ( team)

  3. Guy says:

    My wife and I are planning to rent a RV and go for a trip from mid December to January 5th (or so).
    We know where we start but we dont know where to end :).
    we are going to start at Atlanta…
    Can some some advice a good rout in the winter?
    Maybe towards Las Vegas / San Francisco?
    Thank you very much

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