Route 1 NY and New England

This route takes you on an adventure in the north east of the States. You will visit a couple of big cities and you will expierence the beautiful nature in this part of the country. This may not be a great route when you are travelling with kids, on the other hand it’s a really diverse route. The most beautiful time of the year to visit this part of the United States is autumn because of all the beautiful colours. We advise you to make some of your own changes in the route to really make it your own, but of course  you can just follow this route:

Day 1
This great RV trip starts in New York! If you arrive in New York on the day you want to pick up your RV you have a little problem. Most companies want you to take 1 day rest before you rent an RV. So you will have a whole day to discover the city and get enough rest. On the second day your RV trip will really begin.

-Day 2
You are heading to Newburgh. The drive is about 2 hours. You will find the Woodburry Outlet Shopping on your way. Don’t forget to stop by this outlet shopping center. Shop till you drop! There is a nice campground near Newburgh. Visit the website of this KOA campground for more information.

-Day 3
Today you will drive to Woodstock. There is also a KOA campground in Woodstock. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Woodstock. But there is more to see on this day! You can visit the House of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

-Day 4
You are heading to Vermont today. On your way to Vermont you can visit the small town Brattleboro. Just take it easy today.

-Day 5benandjerrys
You will stay in Vermont today. There is a nice campground called Gold Brook Campground. This campground is near to Stowe, a real ski town. A lot of people come here to ski or to snowboard in the winter. But there is more to see.  You can shop in the Vermont Country store or visit Warren, a town in old style. When you are driving on the interstate to Waterbury you will find the factory of Ben & Jerry’s! You can visit this factory and take a tour.

Day 6
You are heading to New Hampshire. The nature is just beautiful in this area. Make sure you visit the area of the White Mountains.

-Day 7
Your next destination is the state Maine. The drive is about 5-6 hours. When you are in Maine you really should go to Bar Harbor. Just enjoy the beautiful nature and all the other beautiful things on your way.

-Day 8
Today only a short drive to Acadia National Park. You could also do a whaling tour. For these tours you need to be in Bar Harbor.

-Day 9
You are heading to Portland, but the drive will bring you to Blue Hill first. Near Portland you can find a nice campground. For more information you can visit the website of KOA.

boston-Day 10
After a day in Portland you are heading to Foxboro. There is a luxurious campground in Foxboro. The campground is called Normandy Farms Camping Resort. This is really a day to relax and think about the great things you have seen.

-Day 11
Today you will visit Boston. There is enough to do in this city. Make sure you read our whole page about the city. You have the whole day to enjoy the city. There is a nice campground near Boston. Visit the website of Normandy Farms Campground for more information.

-Day 12
You are heading to Provencetown today. There are a couple of things that you can do here. You could go whale watching or go to the national park in dunes.

-Day 13
You don’t have to drive today. Just enjoy and relax. You could also visit the visitor center in Provincetown for more ideas.

-Day 14
Your trip is almost over but you still have 2 days to enjoy Long Islands. The drive is about 250 miles. You could drive the whole way or take the ferry from New London to Long Islands. For more information about the ferry you can go to the website of Vineyards Fast Ferry.

-Day 15
You will stay in Long Islands today. You could visit the Orient Beach State Park.

-Day 16
Today you need to bring back your RV. You will still have the whole day to enjoy New York. Depending on when your flight leaves or when you want to drive back home. You could also decide to get a hotel and stay a couple of days more.

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