newenglandThis second route in New England may look like route 1, but it is a bit different. On this second route you will visit some more national forests and less cities. This second route is really for nature lovers. It’s an easy going route with only one real long drive so if you follow this route you will really take it easy. This route is also great for children if they are into nature. We encourage you to make some changes in the route to really make it your own, but of course you could use this route:

-Day 1
Today is the start of your RV trip. Pick up your RV in New York in the morning. You are heading to Orient Point on Long Island. This drive is about 110 miles and should take you  2 hours and 10 minutes. From here you will take the ferry to New London. You could do this later in the afternoon so you can enjoy Orient Beach State Park first. When you reach New London you can explore the city. The campground is a 20 minute drive away and its the Mystic KOA campground. You can also choose to visit New London on day 2 and expand your RV trip by 1 day. For more information about the ferry you can go to the website of Vineyards Fast Ferry.

Today you are heading to Boston. The drive is only 90 miles long and that should take you 1 hour and 30 minutes. Enjoy Boston the rest of the day.

-Day 3
The next destination is White Mountains National Forest. Leave Boston early in the afternoon. The drive is about 125 miles and that should take you 2 hours and 5 minutes. You can stay at the KOA Lincoln / Woodstock campground.

-Day 4
White Mountains National Forest is big so you can enjoy the park for the rest of the day.

-Day 5
Today you are heading to Bar Harbor. This will be the longest drive of the trip. The drive is about 250 miles long and that should take you 5 hours. You will stay here for a couple of days!Acadia-NP

-Day 6
You have the whole day to explore Bar Harbor. You could go whale watching because there are multiple tours that leave form this town. You could also enjoy the town and the area.

-Day 7
Today you will visit Acadia National Park. This national park is located next to Bar Harbor so you won’t have to drive very far, but you will be in a different world within minutes.

-Day 8
Your RV trip continues and you are heading to Portland Maine. The drive is about 175 miles and that should take you 3 hours.

-Day 9
Green Mountain National Forest is your next destination. The drive is about 210 miles and that should take you 4 hours and 10 minutes.

green-mountain-NF-Day 10
Enjoy Green Mountain National Forest all day long and relax. Your RV trip continues tomorrow.

-Day 11
You are heading to Sundown Wild Forest. The drive is about 155 miles and that should take you 3 hours and 30 minutes. You can stay at the KOA Saugerties / Woodstock campground. Visit the forest and you could also visit the House of Franklin D. Roosevelt.


-Day 12NY-New-England
Your last destination before you return your RV is Delaware State Forest. The drive is about 70 miles and that should take you 1 hour and 50 minutes.

-Day 13
This is the last day of your RV trip. You are heading back to New York. The drive is about 100 miles and that should take you about 2 hours. You can stay a day longer in New York if you would like to see some more of the city.


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