The west, the east, the rockies or New England. The USA got it all for great RV trips. The best vacations will have a mix of excitement and rest. So not only 7 days in Las Vegas, but also a few days in Bryce National Park or some other relaxing place. Most of the people think of the West Coast when they hear RV trips. We want to inform you about all the RV trips that you can make! Not only on the West Coast but also on the East Coast or some other places in the United States. You could also choose to go cross country, it’s just an idea!
We will show you the best routes and inspire you to have a great RV trip.

RV trips through the United States

What can you expect from our site and the RV trips that we describe? The answer is actually really simple. We will give information about RV trips that are active, inspiring, relaxing or adventurous.  So for everyone there is a matching route!

We categorized the RV trips so you can search even better for the perfect route. The different categories are:


-East Coast
West Coast
North East Coast
South East Coast
Route 66
Coast to Coast
Border to Border
-Rocky Mountains

In every category there are a couple of routes. Don’t forget we only give a few options and you can change every route we suggest to make it your own. Another suggestion is to combine two or three different routes to make it even more special. Especially when you have children it could be a great idea to combine some routes. Do you have an other suggestion for a great RV trip? Pleas contact us with your ideas!

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