If you are planning to rent an RV in the United States there is almost an unlimited list of locations you can chose. In al mayor cities in the US you will find companies that offer great deals for your RV of Motorhome.

When you look at the pages about RV rental companies on our site you will also see a list of all the rental locations of that company. That will help you to find the perfect RV rental company for you.

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi RV-trips,

    My girlfriend and I are coming to the USA in January (from Australia) and need to get from Los Angeles to Tuscaloosa AL. We’re looking at all of our options and want to see if we can rent a small RV or campervan so we can drive there and sleep in the car. We have tried to find deals online but have had no luck. We only want to go one way from LA to Tuscaloosa. We need to arrive on the 5th of January so we were thinking of leaving LA on the morning of the 3rd, or on the night of the 2nd. My girlfriend is 23 and I am 21 and we both hold international drivers licenses.
    Any help in this regard woud be greatly appreciated.


    • Jeffrey says:

      Hello Ben,

      I’ve looked at your comment and I think you should rent your RV at Cruise America. That’s because they have a rental location in Los Angeles and in Birmingham (that’s just a 1 hour drive from Tuscaloosa). Cruise America rents RVs for 2-3 people so I think that’s suitable for you. You need to be 21 to drive in a RV, but that’s no problem for you! For one way rentals you have to call Cruise America if that’s the company where you want to rent your RV.

      I hope that i’ve informed you enough for now, but if you have any more questions just leave another comment or you can contact us by e-mail.

      With kind regards,
      Jeffrey (rv-trips.com team)

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