Apollo RV renting is a big company world wide. In the USA Apollo has three different RV rental locations. You can rent an RV in Los Angeles, Las Vegas or in San Francisco. All these places are on the West Coast or near the West Coast. Apollo is a great start of your RV trip on the West Coast of the USA. The service is great. Maybe that’s because Apollo is a small company in the USA but a big one world wide. An example of the great service is that you will find maps and a welcome package in the RV. You can find all update information and a lot more on the website of Apollo.

Apollo RV types

Apollo rents six different RV types. You will find a list of it underneath here:
-19 ft. Holds up to 2 people.
-22 ft. Holds up to 5 people.
-25 ft. Holds up to 5 people.
-27 ft. Holds up to 6 people.
-31 ft. Holds up to 6 people.
-31 ft. Holds up to 5 people.
For more information about these RV types you can click on RV models on the top of the website. You will see that the RVs and motor-homes are categorized in 5 categories to make it easier for you.

On the website of Apollo RV rental you can find all the conditions and rules for renting an RV. We recommend to look them up on the website of Apollo RV rental.

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