On this page you will find some RV tips that might come in handy on your RV trip!

Tips for renting an RV:

– You must be 21 years of age or older to drive in an RV.
РBefore you  pick up your RV you might want to stay a night in a hotel so you will start your RV trip with a fresh mind.
– When you rent an RV you need to have a credit card. Your credit card will be the guarantor for your RV.
– Make sure that your fuel tank is full when you start a long drive. Sometimes it will take hours before you will see a gas station.
– Keep in mind that RVs have different heights and widths. Write down the height and width of your RV and place that note somewhere you can easily find it so you will never make a mistake!
– In the RV you will only find small luggage spaces. We advise you not to bring big suitcases but big backpacks or travel bags.

Tips for your RV trip:

– Prepare yourself on the route you will drive. Read some books or look for some information on Internet.
– Make sure you have a good map of the area you are going to be driving in. If you have a good map you will never get lost! (we recommend the maps of Rand McNally)
– If you are in a big city or in a national park make sure that you visit a visitor center. Than you will know all the fun stuff that you can do in that city or park.
– Make sure that you have enough rest on your trip. Don’t drive to much on 1 day.
– If you damage your RV during the trip make sure the rental company knows it right away.

Tips for camping spots:

– Make sure that you know where some campings are on your route before you start your trip.
– Don’t leave food outside your RV. If you leave some food behind you don’t have to be surprised if some bears visit your camping spot.

Tips for saving money:

– Try to do your groceries in the big supermarkets. The big supermarkets are a lot cheaper than the small supermarkets and shops in national parks or on the campgrounds.
– If you need to refuel your tank try to that on the highway. Gas stations on the highway are cheaper than gas station in small towns or national parks.
– If you rent your RV there are some miles that you can drive for free with your RV. In most cases this isn’t very much. You can buy an extra package with more miles in it. That’s much cheaper than when you drive more than your free miles and you have to pay for it. So calculate how much you are going to drive with your RV and buy an extra package with more miles to drive!
– If you want to visit a lot of national parks you should buy a national park pass. That pass is $50 but you will have unlimited access in all the national parks. Normally the entrance fee is between $10 and $25 per car or RV.
– In some of the big cities you can buy a City Pass. With that pass you can visit a lot of museums in that city and you will safe a lot of money. The pass is valid up to 9 days and you can skip most of the ticket lines. You can buy this pass in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hollywood, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Southern California. For more information visit the website of city pass.
– Most of the RV rental companies also rent chairs and blankets. If you rent these kind of items you will safe a lot money because if you buy them they are quite expensive.
– If you visit a super market more often make sure you get a loyalty pass/card. This will safe you a lot of money and costs nothing!

Other tips:

– If you use medication make sure you have a medical passport so the police or security on the airport won’t see them for drugs.
– Make copies of your important documents. You can also scan these documents and email them to your own email just in case you lose your documents.
– If you don’t live in the US make sure you have an international driving license. It’s not required but it might come in handy. If you have an international driving license you still need your normal driving license.
– On your trip taking pictures can be really fun. In some places you can make a cd-rom with all of your pictures.

Tips for foreigners:

– Make sure that you do apply for a ESTA declaration if you travel to the USA. You need to do this at least 72 hours before your departure.
– Don’t forget to be informed about the traffic rules in the US. If you get a fine there will be some more administration costs for foreigners. So make sure you know the rules!
– Remember there is a different voltage system in the US. The US uses a 110 voltage system. If this is different in your own country make sure you bring a universal converter with you. Otherwise you can’t use your own electronic devises that you’re taking with you.

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