These Family RVs are suitable for 2 adults and 2 children. But you can also decide to use this RV for 2 or 3 adults if you want some more space. In these Family RV‘s you will find everything you need if you go on a RV trip. You will find a list with rental companies en RV models underneath here.

Cruise America 24 ft. RV (CT22).
This RV really has everything you need. Think about a shower, toilet and air conditioning. Travelling in this RV of Cruise America is really comfortable. There is one disadvantage of this RV that Cruise America rents. You can’t walk from the drivers cabine into the living area. If you don’t mind about that this is the perfect RV for a family trip! Pets are not allowed in this RV. There is a baby seat inside the RV



Apollo 25ft. RV .
This Family RV is suitable for 2 adults and 3 children and will make sure that you have a great trip. The RV has everything you need. If you are not on the road you can use the slide out of this RV to create some more space. You will even find a TV and DVD player in the RV. Apollo makes sure that you have everything you need!

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