These RVs are suitable for 2 adults. Not many companies rent these RVs. But some companies do rent vans for 2 people. These vans have everything inside that you need. You will find a list with rental companies and their RV types for 2 people underneath here:

Cruise America 19 ft. RV (C19).
In this RV you will find everything you need. If you want to go on an RV trip with 2 people this is the perfect RV. You can look at the images to get an impression of what the RV looks like. Pets are not allowed in this RV. There is a baby seat inside the RV.

Apollo19 ft. campervan.

Apollo only rents vans for 2 people. It may sound strange to go on a long road trip in a van, but the vans of Apollo RV rental are very good. You will even find a shower in the van. If you are travelling with 2 people but don’t want to drive an RV than these vans are a great solution.

You can click on the imagines to make them bigger.

5 Responses to “COUPLE RV – 2 ADULTS”

  1. John Combe says:

    My wife and I would like to take a trip this summer and have been thinking that a small RV would be fun. Please provide some more detail on the 19 ft RV (c19) and the Apollo 19 ft campervan — we live in Salt Lake City.

    • Jeffrey says:


      I just saw your comment. I will provide you with the information as soon as possible. I will try to give you some more information in a couple of hours. I just wanted to let you know that i saw your comment and I will work on it.

      With regards,

      Jeffrey ( team)

    • Jeffrey says:


      I also send you an email, but i don’t know if you have recieved it so i will also give you the information in an comment,

      I’ve looked some things up for you.

      Cruise America rents the C19 in your state, Utah. I don’t know where you want to take your RV trip, but if you want to start in your home state it’s easier to rent a RV at Cruise America.
      Apollo rents the camper van in only four cities: Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Las Vegas and Denver.

      The C19 RV carries up to three people so it has a little bit more space than the camper van of Apollo. There is already a bed in the C19 RV but the sleeping space is small (you will sleep under the roof and above the drivers cabin). So if you are claustrophobic you shouldn’t rent this RV.

      If you rent the camper van you need to ‘create’ your bed (the table turns into your bed) so that is a little bit more work.

      There are some differences between the two vechicles:
      The C19 RV has cruise control.
      The camper van has a TV and DVD player and there is a rear vision camera.
      The other features are olmost the same.

      I will give you two links from the official websites of Apollo and Cruise America so you can compare them a little bit better:
      Cruise America:

      I hope that this is enough information to answer your question and if it’s not I would like to hear from you.

      If you decide to make a RV trip I wish you a very good trip!

      With regards,

      Jeffrey ( team)

  2. Judy says:

    Hi Jeffrey

    We’re trying to decide between the compact Cruise America and the Apollo. Do you know where we can read reviews of the Apollo? and not just the glowing ones on their website?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hello Judy,

      I don’t know where you can find reviews of these two RV-types. Olmost every website directs you to the website of Apollo or the website of Cruise America.
      My tip would be to look up some youtube movies about these RVs. Hopefully that will give you a good impression about the RVs.
      You could also check my comment on this page (2012/01/19) maybe that is also helpfull.
      If you have more questions pleas ask them.

      With kind regards,
      Jeffrey ( team)

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