There are a lot of different RV types on the market. We are going to help you out so you can make a good decision! We divided the RV types in five categories. If you look at one of the categories you will see that we describe the RV models per rental company so you can easily see wich RV is rented by wich rental company.  You will also see pictures of each different RV and there is a floorplan of the RV. Have a good look at the floorplan so you can see if you would be comfortable in the RV!

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  1. Gaby says:

    Hi! Is it possible for youto give me a little bit more guidance on my rv trip planning…. We want for rent an RV in July for about 10 days… To and from San Diego. We are 6 in our family, 4 adults and 2 small kids….
    Can you recommend where to rent and what routes to take? Disneyland is a MUST!
    Thank you!!

    • Jeffrey says:


      Of course that is possible! First of all something about the RV rental. I recommend to rent a RV at Cruise America. You could go for for an intermediate RV (that RV is suitable for 6 persons) or you could go for the large RV for a little bit more space (that RV is suitable for 7 persons). Because you won’t be travelling very long I made a new route that you may like:

      Day 1: Pick up your RV in San Diego and you are heading to Joshua Tree National Park. (150 miles)
      Day 2: Enjoy Joshua Tree National Park.
      Day 3: The next destination is Sequoia National Park. (330 miles)
      Day 4: Enjoy Sequoia National Park.
      Day 5: San Francisco is your next destination. (285 miles)
      Day 6: Enjoy the city!
      Day 7: You are heading to Santa Barbara. Relax on the beach or explore the city. (325 miles)
      Day 8: Los Angeles is your next destination. Enjoy the city, tomorrow you will visit Disneyland! (95 miles)
      Day 9: Enjoy Disneyland.
      Day 10: You are heading back to San Diego and you need to return your RV. (120 miles). You can enjoy San Diego for the rest of the day.

      Hopefully this route is helpfull. If you have another question you could always leave a comment or e-mail us. You can find information about the national parks and cities on our website.
      If you want to see this route on google maps you can click here.

      Have fun on your RV trip!

      Jeffrey (rv-trips.com team)

  2. Julia Phillips says:

    We would like to rent an RV for six days and do Yosemite and Grand Canyon. Is this possible? We are 2 adults 2 kids . Thanks

  3. Dawn Dimanno says:

    Hi there, my husband and I would like to take the train up to the Sequoia’s and rent a RV for 4 days. I am having problems with finding a rental near Visalia or even the Sequoia’s so we can rent. Any suggestions? We are looking for a September trip.

    Thanks so much!

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