Six Flags over Texas

Everybody will find enough rides in Six Flags over Texas that they could enjoy because there are more than 50 rides in the theme park! So there are really enough rides for everyone. A lot of people think you could only go to Six sixflagsFlags when you love roller coasters and of course there are a lot of roller-coasters in the park, but there are so much more different rides to! There are three categories of rides in Six Flags over Texas: thrill rides, family rides and kids rides. We will tell you something about a couple of rides in each categorie.

Rides in Six Flags over Texas

Thrill rides:

  • Badman the ride: Your legs are hanging down in this very exciting roller coaster! If you are a real dare devil you can not miss this roller coaster.
  • Mr. Freeze: Roller coasters are exciting, but what about a reversed roller coaster? You just need to experience this one!
  • Shock wave: This was the highest roller coaster when it opened. Maximum thrill level guaranteed!
  • Texas Giant: This is a really fun and exciting wooden roller coaster.

sixflagstexasgiantThere are more roller coasters in the theme park, but there are also more thrill rides that aren’t roller coasters.

Family rides:

  • Make a plunge into the water in Aquaman Splashdown! A fun boat ride that takes you up to some height and then you drop down into the water.
  • In the Cloud Bouncer you can experience an air balloon flight!
  • You will find a nice wooden roller coaster in this part of Six Flags over Texas that’s less intense than the thrill rides.

There are much more family rides that you can enjoy in Six Flags!

Kids ridessixflagswaterride

  • Bugs Bunny: Make a nice flight with Bugs Bunny!
  • Make a great boat trip on the Gold River Adventure and just maybe you will find some gold!
  • Get dizzy in the Texas Tea Cups and keep on spinning in circles!

There are more rides for the little ones!

Of course there are enough options to eat or drink something inthe theme park!

For more information you can go to the website of Six Flags over Texas.

sixflagshurricaneharborSix Flags Hurricane Harbor

Just across the street of Six Flags over Texas you will find the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor waterpark! This is a great park to cool of after a long warm day.

You will find 12 slides that are really thrilling because of the height and the speed. An other possibility is to go surfing in the park! That’s also a fun thing to do.

Just like in the theme park there are special family and kids ‘rides’. There are a couple of slides that are designed for the whole family! That means that you can go off these slides with more than just one person and that’s always fun with the whole family.

For the small children there are some water playgrounds and smaller slides so the young children can also enjoy themselves!

Just one more tip: If you buy your tickets online you will get a discount!

For more information you can go to the website of Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.


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