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When you are traveling on the Route 66 and you like theme parks you should visit Six Flags in St. Louis! The theme park is suitable for everyone. Six Flags is really big and you really need a whole day if you want to visit this park. You need to take an extra day for your RV trip when you are making an RV trip over the Route 66.
Of course everyone knows that the park is famous for his big and scary roller-coasters, but this park has a lot more to offer you. There are also roller coasters for kids and these roller-coasters are not as intense as the big roller-coasters that the park also has. Besides roller-coasters there are more attractions in the park. Think about train rides, playgrounds, a ferris wheel and a lot more.
There are also some different shows and events in Six Flags. You can visit the website of Six Flags for more information.

Besides the normal part of the park there is also a water park! This is great if you want to cool off after a long day of attractions and thrills! There are also a lot of different things to do in the water park. There are a lot of different slides, some for children and some slides are more intense. So there is a lot to do for everyone and for every age.

Campground near Six Flags

There is a really nice campground near the theme park. This is a KOA campground that offers everything you need when you are traveling with a RV. For more information about this campground you can visit the website of KOA.

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