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Things to do in Sea World Orlando

One of the fun family parks in Orlando is Sea World. When you are near to Orlando you need to visit this park. There are some different shows that you can visit. There are two different whale shows, a dolphin show, a sea lion show and a spectacular firework and fountain show. You can also visit all the animals in there own environment with all there animal friends! Visit the sea lions, dolphins, polar bears and penguins. There are some animals that you can see on a special way. You can make a dive with sharks! This sounds dangerous but it’s not, you will be in a cage under water. There is also an interaction program with belugas. Sea World is one of the only places in the world where you can find these animals.

If you have enough off all the animals there are a lot of other things you can do in the park. Think about roller coasters. Some are for kids and others are for real dare devils. There is a roller coaster where you will fly face down through the sea and through the sky! This is a experience that you won’t forget.

There are a couple of special restaurants in the park. For an example you can eat ‘under water’  with the sharks swimming around you. You can also eat on the pool side and enjoy a whale show. For more information get a leaflet in the park.

Sea World Orlando offers parking spaces for RVs. Underneath here you will find the prices.
$14 -cars and motorcycles
$15 – RVs

TIP: Guests visiting sea world Orlando or Aquatica in the same day pay parking only once.

Special Season

Around Christmas time Sea World changes completely. From November 17 to 31 December the park has longer opening hours and the whole park is decorated. There are more than 100 Christmas trees in the park so you really get the Christmas feeling. Besides all the trees there are different shows and fireworks! It’s gonna be a warm Christmas month!

At the end of May 2013 Sea World will open a new part in the park: ‘Antartica: Empire of the Penguins’. This is the biggest expansion in the history of the park. Come and see this new part for yourself and learn everything about penguins!

Campground near Sea World Orlando

A nice campground is only 12 miles away from Sea World Orlando. This campground is the Kissimmee Orlando Koa campground. There are full hookups for your RV. There is also a pool and enough things to do for the kids. The campground is not really green and it’s not special but it is close to sea world Orlando and a lot of other theme parks. For more information you can visit the website of this KOA Campground.

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  1. joyce says:

    good morning , please can you tell me if in to the park we can find electric chair for my mother she is older and she can’t walk a lot.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Goodmorning to you to!

      To answer your question, yes there are normal wheelchairs and you can also get an electric convenience vehicle when you are in the park. If you want to have one of these electric convenience vechicles you need to contact Guest Services and you can do that best before you go to Seaworld.

      Hope i’ve informed you enough.

      With kind regards,
      Jeffrey ( team)

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