Lego Land Florida

Opening Lego Land Florida

This theme park opened in  October 2011, we will  give you some information about Lego Land Florida so you can plan your trip, even if you go later this year.

The park

If you are in Orlando it’s only a 45 minute drive to Lego Land Florida. The park will make the drive really worth it. Especially families with children will enjoy this park. The age recommendation is 2-12.  The Park has eleven different parts and we will describe them for your!

-The Beginning. Here you will find one of the largest Lego shops of the whole world. You can also find a super market with special Danish goods here.
-Fun Town. In this part you can visit a Lego factory so you can see how the bricks are made! Take a tour to learn everything. But there is more in this part. There is also a store here where you can buy all your favorite Lego! If you want to watch a movie this is the place to be. There is a huge 4D cinema and there are four different movies that you can see here. Of course there is a restaurant here so you can eat and drink something.
Miniland USA. This part contains seven special themes. These themes are: Washington, D.C., New York City, Las Vegas, Kennedy Space Center, Daytona and  Florida. These places are build small and contain all the special places that are in the real cities. Be amazed about the cities! There is also a special pirate theme with two different ships that fight each other!
Duplo Village. This part of Lego Land is especially for small children. Everything is designed for small children keeping the short hight in mind!
Castle Hill. This part seems old, but you will find a lot of modern things here! Think about a cool rollercoaster for kids.
Xtreme. This part is really for dare devils. There is a big and fast rollercoaster here and a lot of different rides.
Imagination Zone. This is actually  the creative zone. You can play games and of course build with Lego yourself. Enjoy a special attraction in this part of the park if you are not afraid. You will make a free fall!
Pirates Cove. Enjoy the live action water stunt show with pirates!
Land of adventure. In this part of Lego Land Florida you will find a junior rollercoaster, but also a part with life sized Lego brick dinosaurs. Be amazed about the big dinosaurs above you!
Lego City. This is a scaled down city for young children where they can live there dreams! There is a fire academy, a driving school and a flight school where you can experience the feeling of flying in a really cool roller coaster. Everything is possible in Lego Land Florida
Lego Clubhouse. In this part you can play an online multiplayer game with people all over the world. Build, play and explore the world of Lego!

Campground near to Lego Land Florida

This KOA is named Fort Summit and is a really good campground with everything you need for your RV and it’s close to Lego Land. There are enough possibilities to sport and there is a big pool. You will also find some shops on the campground. For pictures or more information about the campground you can visit the website of Fort Summit KOA

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