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Lego Land California exists out of different parts. There are two big parts that are actually a water park. There are a couple of different slides and of course swimming pools! Besides this there are a couple of different rides that include water. This is a lovely place to cool down when you have seen everything in Lego Land California. The park has more than 60 rides, shows and attractions.

Beneath you will find the different parts of Lego Land California:

The beginning: When you enter the park you will start at the beginning. Here you will find a huge store with Lego and another store with all kinds of souvenirs. There are some restaurants here so you won’t get hungry when you are in the park! You will also find all kinds of other services in the beginning. Think about lost and found, lockers and ATM machines.

Dino Island: It may be clear but the theme of this part of the park are dinosaurs. You can find a junior roller coaster in this part and you can search for dinosaur fossils, if you are lucky you will find one! There is also a special store where you can buy all kind of stuff related to dinosaurs.

Duplo village: Duplo village is for the small ones. You will find a play-town here where small children will enjoy them selfs the whole day. But there is more to do in this part of Lego Land California. You could make a nice river ride or make a trip with the Lego Land Express. If you are adventurous you could go on safari! There is also a show in Duplo Village. The theater is called Playtown Theater and there are some different shows here. There is also a store and a restaurant in this part of the park.

Fun Town: There are a lot of different things you can do in Fun Town. First of all you could make a mysterious journey through Egypt and other mysterious countries and of course everything is build with Lego. If you want a nice view of the park you should go to the tower attraction. This attraction brings you up and you will have a great view of the park. What you really shouldn’t miss is the Lego factory tour. If you take this tour you will learn everything about the production of Lego. And of course there are also shops and restaurants in this part of the park.

Castle Hill: The main thing in this part are the playgrounds and the exiting roller coaster. There are some more things to do but you have to pay for them. Think about searching for gold or playing miniature golf. Don’t forget to visit the shop and if you are hungry or thirsty there is a nice restaurant.

Miniland USA: The most special place in the park is this part.You can see the biggest cities of the USA in this part of the park. Visit all kinds of cities in only one day! In this part of the park they used 20 million bricks to build everything. You could take the coast cruise that brings you to all kind of different places.

Land of Adventure: In this part of the park you will find some smaller attractions. One of the fun attractions is the 30 foot high slide. Just look around in this part and do the things that seem fun. There is also a shop in this part. For a restaurant you have to visit a different part of Lego Land California.

Imagination Zone: This is the last part of Lego Land but there is enough to do! you can build your own race car with Lego and race against others. Also in this part you will find a roller coaster. If you like gaming this is the place to be! There is a Xbox family gamespace in this part of Lego Land. There are some different 4D movies that you can watch in the Imagination Zone. There is a Lego Technic shop and a restaurant in this part.

There are a couple of different shows and events. For the exact times and dates you can visit the website of Lego Land.
In April 2011 Sea Life has opened. Sea Life is located next to Lego Land California. When you are visiting Lego Land don’t miss Sea Life. For more information visit the website of Sea Life California.

For more information about Lego Land California visit the website.

When you are in California you should visit Lego Land California, it’s really a special experience.

Parking at Lego Land California

Sometimes it’s hard to park your RV when you are visiting a theme park. Well that’s not a problem when you visit Lego Land. You can park your RV at the parking ground at Lego Land for just $20. It is not allowed to stay overnight on the parking ground.

Campground near Lego Land California

There is a really nice campground near San Diego. It’s about 45-60 minutes away from Lego Land California. For more information about this KOA campground you can visit the website of KAO.

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