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Kennywood is a theme park that was founded in 1898. Kennywood is one of only two theme parks that are designated as a National Historic Landmark, this theme park is a National Historic Landmark since 1987. Kennywood started with only a carousel and a restaurant. Now a days there are a lot of different rides and everyone can enjoy themselves in Kennywood!





Attractions in Kennywood

There are a lot of rides in Kennywood and we are going to tell you something about a couple of rides.

– There are 3 water rides. One of those rides is with hollowed-out logs where you can sit in. The ride is thrilling! Want to get wet? Raging Rapids simulates a white water raft trip and you will get wet, guaranteed.

-There are 6 roller coasters. Phantom’s Revenge is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world, you need to we a dare-devil if you want to ride this roller coaster. There is a roller coaster for youngsters, so if you travel with kids this is a ride they will enjoy. Except these roller coasters there is also a wooden roller coaster. The other three roller coasters are ‘normal’ roller coasters.

– There are 9 thrill rides. These rides reach high speeds and/or turn around fast. Check these rides out because they are a lot of fun.

-There are 10 classic rides. With these rides you can experience how Kennywood was back in the old days.

-There are three dark rides. One of the dark rides is called Garfield’s nightmare. This is a scary 3D experience, upside down! Another dark but fun ride is the Ghostwood Estate. This is a haunted house and the ride takes you through 8 haunted rooms and you need to kill the ghosts to make Kennywood safe again!

-Kiddieland features 14 rides for small children, so don’t miss this part of Kennywood when you are traveling with small children.

There are also different events in Kennywood, but they change all the time. If you want more up to date information about these events you should visit the website of Kennywood.

Campground near Kennywood

There is a nice KOA campground near Kennywood. This campground has everything you need when you are traveling with your RV and the campground has full hookups, free wi-fi, a swimmingpool and you can fish here. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Bellefonte.

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