The Kennedy Space Center is a historic place in the US and actually you should pay a visit to it.

Things to do in the Kennedy Space Center

When you are in the space center you could start with the famous two hour tour. This tour starts at the Kennedy Space Center Complex. When you’ve see everything in the space center complex you will continue the tour to a couple other NASA facilities. Think about huge launchers platforms, the astronaut training facility and the Vehicle Assembly Building. The Vehicle Assembly Building is a huge building where you can see how the space shuttles are build.
In the Rocket Garden you can admire more then 30 rockets. These rockets have a long history. There is also a replica of a space shuttle. You can even go inside of the rocket. There are some different exhibitions that you can visit. Some exhibitions are from the past, some of the future and some of aerospace. You can buy some things in the stores and in the stores you will also find a lot of information. On the fifth floor you can see some different space movies. Last but not least you can meet some NASA veterans. This day will be one to never forget.

We recommend you to take a tour because the area of the space center is really big. With a tour you will see all the highlights and you won’t miss a thing.

Parking and campground near to Kennedy Space Center

For more information about the space center or a map of the park you can visit the website of the  Space Center.

Parking with your RV is free at the  space center. So you don’t have to worry about parking!

There is an RV camping in the are of the space center. The campground is also near the beach. So there is enough to do for everybody. You can enjoy the space center all day and then go back to your RV. For more information about this camping visit the website of the KOA camping.

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