Discovery Cove

About the Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is a special park. You can swim with dolphins, snorkel among thousands of tropical fish and rays in a beautiful coral reef, float on a river and relax on the sandy beach. You can also feed some exotic birds in the park. It will be one day full of adventure and all new experiences!
The park offers a special Dolphin Swim Day Resort Package. You can do all the special things that the park has to offer for a special price. You need to make reservations to enter this park. They only allow 1000 people a day to visit the park and it’s really popular. One of the big advantages is that it’s never crowded in the park. So make sure you make your reservation on time because this isn’t a park that you want to miss if you are already in Florida. If you click here you can make a reservation or get some more information about Discovery Cove.

Parking with your car or RV is free at the Discovery Cove.

Campground near the Discovery Cove

If you need a place to stay with your RV the Jelly Stone Campground might be a real good option. This campground is near to a lot of different theme parks. For more information about this campground you can visit the website of the Jelly Stone campground. This campground is great if you want to visit some more theme parks because you can leave your RV at the campground. If you leave your RV on the campground you don’t have to pay parking costs at the theme park.

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