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A different part of Sea World is Aquatica. This is a huge water park with a lot of different slides and attractions. One of the special slides and one of the most popular rides is the dolphin plunge. It’s not strange because the slide is surrounded by a basin with dolphins! You will slide down between the dolphins. There are some more slides. Think about a slide where you are in a big inflatable float.  There are slides for 6 persons or for 1. There are also some normal slides that variate in hight and speed. Enough variation for everyone!

Aquatica offers parking for RVs

Underneath here you will find the prices for parking at aquatica.
$13 – Cars and motorcycles
$17 – RVs

TIP: Guests visiting Sea World Orlando and aquatica on the same day, pay parking only once.
There are some more options to safe some money when you are visiting theme parks in Orlando. If you visit more theme parks you should buy a special pass to safe more money! For these special deals you can visit the website of Sea World Orlando. Almost every deal includes Aquatica. For more information about theme parks in the area of Aquatica you can visit our page about theme parks.

Campground near to Aquatica

When you visit Orlando with your RV you need a place to stay. The Camp Jelly Stone campground is a great option! It’s near to aquatica and a lot of other different theme parks. For more information about this campground you can visit the website of Camp Jelly Stone Campground. Of course you can go to an other campground near Aquatica. There are a lot of different campgrounds in this area.

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