If you really like the beach than St. Pete Beach is the place to be for you. You could go to the beach with children. The beach is really beautiful but you will see some buildings on the background.
This beach isn’t really crowded so you can really relax on the beach. The sea isn’t really deep the first couple of meters so this is ideal for children. The water is warm, blue and clear. The waves aren’t really high so it’s the perfect beach for children (be careful with the tides when your children are in the sea).
When you want to park your RV at the beach you will pay for a couple of parking spots because an RV is big. There is a big shopping mall close to the beach so you could park your RV there but we don’t know if that is legal. This shopping mall is called Dolphin Village shopping center. There are a lot of restaurants close to the beach and there are also restaurants in the shopping mall. If you want to go to the shopping center you only have to cross the road and you are there. There are showers and toilets at the beach.

St. Pete Beach is a long half moon shaped beach with a lot of hotels and resorts at the beach. It doesn’t sound like it but St. Pete Beach is lovely to make a nice hike on the beach. You can walk over 400 miles and this is really beautiful with sunrise and with sunset.

You will pay $1.25 for 1 hour parking and if you want to stay a whole day you will pay $5 for parking. There are no lifeguards on the beach.

Campground near to St. Pete Beach

There is a KOA campground near St. Pete Beach and Madeira Beach. The campground is really basic. The drive to the beach is only 20 minutes. For more information about this campground you can visit the official website of KOA St. Petersburg/Madeira Beach.





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