The Shanghai Tunnels

Shanghai Tunnels sound like tunnels in China but that’s not true. You can find these tunnels in Portland Oregon. The Shanghai Tunnels tell a very special story about the history of Portland and not much people know about this piece of history. Between 1850 en 1941 certain people were shanghaiing other people, but what is shanghaiing? Some people trapped or kidnapped other people and sold them to sailers. The sailers forced them to work on board of there ships for no pay. Sometimes people were just drinking something in a saloon and when they had to much to drink there could be a trap in the floor and if there was a trap the drunk guy will fall through the floor and he would be captured in the shanghai tunnel. There were a lot of tunnels where the kidnapped people were kept prisoned.¬†These tunnels actually were basements linked to each other and there were tunnels that linked different blocks to each other. It was a big business because you could earn a lot of money with shanghaiing people.



Now a days there are different tours in these tunnels. These tours tell you the whole story of shanghaiing.

There is a normal tour that tells you all about shanghaiing and the tunnels, but there are 2 other tours that show you an other aspect of the tunnels. A tour will take about an hour and a half. For more information about the Shanghai Tunnels, the different tours, the tour schedule or to make reservations visit the website of the Shanghai Tunnels.

The Shanghai Tunnels tell a story about the strange and mysterious history of this city.

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