Things to see in Sea World San Diego

When you are in San Diego, Sea World is one of the things you need to visit! There are a lot of different shows. You can visit 2 different whale shows, a dolphin show, a pet show and a show with sea lions! Besides these shows there are some other things you can do. You can have a nice meal on the waterside where a whale shows off and you can enjoy his tricks. Another great experience is swimming with dolphins. In Sea World  this is possible! This is an experience you will never forget. There is also a possibility to take a look at other animals. Visit the funny penguins, the amazing killer whales, dangerous sharks, cute sea otters, dolphins who you can feed and rescued and rehabilitated manatees.

When you are done watching these amazing sea animals you can do a lot of other things. In Sea World  you will find a couple of theme park rides. Enjoy a peaceful water ride. Wait, peaceful? Only in the beginning! This water ride erupts into different turns, twists and water falls! Don’t you mind getting wet? Then Shipwreck Rapids is the attraction for you. Spin and splash through the amazing river. For the kids there is a roller coaster. No worries this is a slow roller coaster.

Practical information about Sea World San Diego

Sea World in San Diego  is perfect for a fun day with the whole family. You will be amazed by the wonderful shows. For more information you can visit the website of Sea World San Diego.

There is a possibility for you to park your RV at Sea World. The price is a little bit higher than for a normal car. Underneath here you will find the parking prices.

$16 for cars (Tip: buy your parking ticket in advance, online for $15)
$21 for RVs and campers
$11 for Motorcycles


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