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Monument valley is known for it’s big red rocks. The history of this park goes thousands of years back. Because of erosion a lot of rocks disappeared. Thousands of years ago there were a lot more rocks. Because of the erosion there are not that many rocks left and that’s why you will find a lot of  ‘lonely’ rocks with no other rocks nearby. The rocks that are left are simply breathtaking.
When you see some pictures of Monument Valley you might think that you’ve seen them before. Well that’s possible because a lot of movies have been filmed here. Also a lot of TV shows used Monument Valley as a stage. The valley is kind of a symbol for the wild west!

Things to do and to see at Monument Valley

There is also a national park in the area of Monument valley. This is Navajo Tribal National Park. You can visit the website of Monument Valley for all the information about this national park. There are some campgrounds nearby and things to do. You can find all these things on the website or you can visit the visitor center in the park. If you want to stay the night in Navajo Tribal National Park you need to go to the Sunset View Campgrounds. This campground is near to the visitor center and has 31 small camp spots with a table, a grill and toilets. There are no hook ups for your RV. So make sure that your tanks are full. The maximum length of your RV is 28 feet. You can’t make reservations for this campground so make sure you are on time! For all the up to date information about this park and campground you can visit the website of Navajo Tribal National Park.

Monument Valley is located in the area of the Four Corner. This is a place where Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico come together. The valley is located on about 1700 meters above sea level. The rocks have a unique red color. That’s because the ground has a lot of iron-oxide in it. During millions of years the rocks formed by layers of material on top of each other, so the rocks have a lot of different layers.

Make sure you don’t skip this valley and national park on your trip. You will be amazed about the beaty in this area.

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