Lake Powell
is a big water reservoir on the Colorado River. It’s the second biggest man made water reservoir in the US.  The lake was created by the flooding of Glen Canyon by the Glen Canyon dam. Because of this the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) was a fact. Now a days this is a popular summer destination and a lot of people visit this lake during their RV trip along the west coast or people who are following the Route 66 and make a detour.

Things to do in and near Lake Powell

You can do several things near Lake Powell. There are some different tours you can make. Some of these tours are guided. There is a lot of water in the park so you could go fishing or just make a nice boat trip. If you don’t like  a smooth boat trip you could go kayaking. That’s a fun but rough way to discover the waters of Lake Powell. If you don’t like these options there is one more option to have fun with water: swimming! Swimming is always fun but it can be dangerous. Please visit the website of the nps for some safety tips.  On land there are also some things to do. You could go hiking or mountain biking. Both options are fun ways to discover the park.

There are some different options to stay overnight in the park. You can visit  the website of the nps for all the restrictions and options.

In the park are a lot more things to do. Visit the visitor center in the park for all the up to date information and activities. You can also visit the website of Lake Powell for more information.

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