Fort Lauderdale is a city that’s better known as the Venice of Florida. This is because of the big network of canals in the city. Beside that it’s one of the most popular beach resorts of Florida. The vibe is really relaxed and  that vibe is connected with a simple way of life that people have here. Al this combined with a tropical climate, golden beaches, the sun that shines all year long and the sea that’s always  warm, Fort Lauderdale is a perfect place to stay for a couple of days.
There are things to do for really everyone. You could go shopping, eat something in a nice restaurant, relax on the beach or do some water sports. Think about snorkeling, fishing, make a boat trip or para sailing. When you’re a real sports fan you could watch a match of the Florida Marlins or the Miami Dolphins in the Sun Life Stadium.
Even for the people who love culture and art there is enough to do! You could visit the Arts Museum of Fort Lauderdale. You can click here for more information about this museum. An other historical and special place is the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens.  This is a beautiful museum with big gardens. This place exist since 2000 years B.C. and there have been a lot of  archaeological finds in that area. In 1920 the first people who lived there start building the Bonnet House. So you can imagine that there is a lot of art out of the twenties. You can click here for more information about this museum.
For a more lighthearted trip you could visit Butterfly World. In this park you will find a lot of different and beautiful butterfly species. You can see butterflies of South and Central America and Malaysia. For more information about this park you can click here.

Fort Lauderdale with your RV

In the area of Fort Lauderdale is a RV campground. So you can stay in the area of Fort Lauderdale with your RV if you want to spend a few days here. On only 20 minutes away from downtown Fort Lauderdale you will find this great campground. For more information visit the website of Kozy Kampers.

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