Crazy Horse Memorial

The Crazy Horse Memorial is located in Custer State Park in South Dakota. This memorial has a long history and now a days it’s more than only a memorial. On this page we will tell you everything about this memorial and everything that has to do with this memorial.

The history

The memorial was an initiative of a Lakota elder named Henry Standing Bear. He wrote to a sculptor because he wanted a memorial for the heroes of his people. His words were: ‘My fellow chiefs and I would like the white man to know that the red man has great heroes to.’
And so the memorial was build. The sculptor who made the memorial was Korczak Ziolkowski. The federal government offered to pay the sculptor 10 million dollars for the memorial, but the sculptor refused this offers because he didn’t want the interference of the government. The sculpture is made in the Black Hills because this is sacred to the Lakota culture. This is a place with a lot of important history.

Now a day’s

Now a day’s the memorial isn’t only a great and beautiful sculpture, but there is also a museum named The Indian Museum of North America. There is also a Native American Culture Center. The memorial is now a big complex where you can learn a lot of things of American Indian culture and the history of the American Indians. For more information you can visit the website of the Crazy Horse Memorial.

The museum

The Indian Museum of North America has an unique collection that reflects the history and culture of the American Indian people. On the website of The Indian Museum of North America you
can see the art collections and you can see webcams of the museum.

Campground near to Crazy Horse Memorial

There is a great campground for RVs near to this memorial and it’s called Elkhorn Ridge. This campground has a lot of facilities like a heated swimmingpool, hot tubs, free internet, laundry facilities and much more, but there are also a couple of different facilities for RVs like full hook ups, electricity and shower houses. There are 186RV sites and the sites are suitable for all types of RVs. For more information you can visit the website of Elkhorn Ridge.

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