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The Buffalo Bill Museum offers the legacy of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody to learn more people about the historical an cultural impact this man had on the American West. You also learn a lot about the time that Buffalo Bill lived in.
This Buffalo Bill Center has it’s roots in 1917, but it opened for the public in 1927. The first museum was made in a cabin style. You can find an image of it on this page. In 1969 the museum was relocated and the museum was made part of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. One wing of the center became the museum.
Buffalo Bill (1846 – 1917) lived in a interesting time so you can learn a lot when you visit the historical center.

After the relocation of the museum, the museum is renovated and is now equipped with state of the art exhibits and there are more interactive activities in the museum. Because of that the museum is much more fun for kids (but also for adults!)


Exhibitions in the Buffalo Bill Museum

There are a lot of different exhibitions in the museums. There are exhibitions about the wild west, indians, and much more. There is one exhibition I want to say something about. There are art pieces (mostly paintings) that show Yellowstone National Park. These paintings are a couple of decades old and give a nice impression of Yellowstone National Park. We recommend to visit this museum before you go to Yellowstone National Park because te national park will be even more amazing when you’ve seen the paintings of it.

Campgrounds near Buffalo Bill Historical Center

If you decide to visit the historical center and then drive to Yellowstone National Park there are some different campgrounds in the national park who allow RVs. If you have a RV that is longer than 30 ft. we recommend to make reservations. For a list of all the campgrounds and the regulations of the campgrounds you can visit the website of Yellowstone National Park.

If you don’t want to stay in the national park  there is a KOA campground at the west entrance of Yellowstone National Park. There are a lot of facilities and the campground has everything you need when you are travelling with a RV. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Yellowstone Park/West Entrance.

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