BEN AND JERRYS FACTORY | Ben and Jerry’s factory.

The Factory

You will find the Ben and Jerrys factory in Waterbury, on the East Coast of the US not to far north of New York. The area is just beautiful. The factory is surrounded by mountains. Only the area is worth a visit but we will tell you some more about the Ben and Jerrys factory.

Visiting the Ben and Jerrys factory

There are a couple of options when you visit the factory. You could take the tour. The tour brings you to all the special places in the factory. You will begin with a movie about the history of Ben & Jerry’s. After that you will go to the glassed-in mezzanine where you will have a great view of the factory. you will learn more about the production process and much more. After the tour you will get all the time to look in the gift shop in the factory. There are a lot of fun things to buy in the shop. And of course there is a scoop shop where you can eat all the ice cream you want! Hopefully the choose between all the flavors isn’t to hard! There is more in the scoop shop then only ice cream. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a cold drink. You can visit the website for the whole menu.

There is a lot of space around the factory. When the weather is good there are a lot of places where you can have a good picnic. There is also a nice playground for kids. So visit the Ben and Jerry’s factory for a wonderful day, and this trip is really fun for children!

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