Zion National Park is since 1919 an officially a national park. Zion National Park has a long history in his 90 years existence. But the history goes much further back then 1919.
If we go back 2000 years the park was very different. The Peuble people lived on the ground where the park is now. They are famous for there pottery and remarkable housing. The park has it’s name from something else. The Morman pioneers where here in 1860. zion means a place of peace and safety.
Now a days you can still feel the peace and safety in Zion National Park. The wild life in this park is big. There are more then 800 different kinds of plants, more then 75 different mammals and more then 270 different kinds of bird in Zions.

Special things to see or to visit in Zion National Park

There are also some different natural phenomena. For an example the zion Narrows. In a part of the canyon in Zion is a river. The river is called Virgin and you can make a couple of different walks a long this river. We recommend you to talk a walk through the river. The nature here is just magnificent. You can look at the image and then you have an idea of how beautiful it really is.
Some other things that are really amazing to see and visit in Zion National Park are: Emerald Pools, Hidden Canyon, Angels Landing, The Great White Throne, Checkerboard, Mesa, The Three Patriarchs and Kolob Arch. Make sure you get some more information at the visitor center in the park. Then you will know where everything is and what you need to do to make your visit really special!

Zion National Park is different

There is another thing different in Zion National Park compared to other national parks. In this park there is a shuttle system. There are small shuttle buses that drive different routes in the park. This is a relaxed and easy way to explorer the park. There is also a bus that can take you to the visitor center really quickly. You can hop on and off whenever you want and this shuttle system is completely free. Because of this system it isn’t necessary to use your RV in Zion National Park and stay the night in the park. Do you still want to stay the night in the park with your RV? No problem, just take a look at the website of Zion National Park to see where you can stay with your RV. An other possibility is to go to a campground just outside of Zion National Park. You can look at the website of this campground to see if this is what you are looking for.

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