About Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave National Park is a national park in Rapid
City. This national park is known for one of the longest caves of the world and
more than 28000 acres of of mixed-grass prairie where native wildlife lives.
There is something else what makes the caves of the national park special. The
cave has a rare formation, called boxwork. You can’t find this in a lot of
caves. The Wind Cave is protected since 1903 and is the seventh oldest national
park of the USA. This national park is worth a visit!



Things to do in the park

First of all there are daily cave tours throughout the year.
We recommend you wear walking shoes and a sweater because it could be slippery in the cave and it’s cold down there.

There are a couple of different hiking trails. The shortest hiking trail is 1
miles and the longest hiking trail is 8,6 miles long. For an overview of the
hiking trails you can visit this website of the Wind Cave National Park.

You could also go horseback riding, but there are some rules
and regulations for this. If this is something you want to do, you need to
visit the visitor center in the national park. For more information about other
activities you should visit the visitor center in the park.

Campground in Wind Cave National Park

The national park has his own campground called: Elk
Mountain Campground. RVs are allowed on this campground, but the campground has
some regulations. For more information about these regulations and for more
information about the campground you can visit this website of the
national park.

For more information about the national park itself or reservations,  you can
visit the website of the national park.





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