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The everglades are sometimes called the Florida Everglades. The everglades are located in a landscape with swamps in the south of Florida. An other name for the area is River of Grass.
Everything changes in The Everglades. The cause is the water, floods, stones  and fire. Seven months a year there is a rain season. This season is  from April through October. The other months are the dry season in this area.
There are some different ecosystems in the national park. The primary feature of the everglades is the sawgrass marsh. The iconic water and sawgrass combination in the shallow river 100 miles  long and 60 miles wide that spans from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay is often referred to as the “true Everglades” or just “the Glades”.
Fore more information about The everglades you can visit the website of The Everglades.

This national park is unique in his kind. The Everglades have the biggest tropical wilderness  with rare and endangered species and nature in the US. The Everglades are also World Heritage Site and a International Biosphere Reserve. This means that this area is important for people all over the world. For more information about this you can visit the website of The Everglades.

A beautiful and amazing way to discover the national park is by air boat. Most of the time there will be a guide to tell you everything about The Everglades, the animals, the nature and the history. If you want more information about these air boats you can visit the website of Captain Doug. The link is of a company called Captain Doug’s but there are a lot of other companies that offer these boat trips. You can get more information at the visitors center.

Campgrounds near The Everglades

Of course you want to know if you can stay here with your RV. The answer is yes! The Long Pine Key campground and the Flamingo campground have special places for RVs. For more information about these campgrounds you can visit the website of the National Park/campgrounds.
We will describe an other campground for you, The Miami Everglades Resorts. In 2010 this campground got the award for the best campground in Miami. The campground is in the middle of tropical flowers, mango and palm trees. The vibe on this campground is really relaxed and tropical. The campground is only 10 miles away from the national park and only 30 miles away from Key Largo. Key Largo is the first island of the island group The Keys.  Fore more information about The Long Pine Campground you can visit there website.

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