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Petrified Forest is a national park in the state Arizona. The park is located on the Route 66. This national park is special because you can find 13.000 years of human history and culture. So there is also history about prehistoric people in the park. But you can find more history in Petrified Forest. A lot of fossils have been found in this national park and of course you can learn a lot about these fossils and about the developing of animals through millions of years. It is not strange that this national park has a museum with all the history. This museum is located on the south side of Petrified Forest. If you want more information about the museum or the park you can visit the website of Petrified Forest or you can visit the visitor center in the park.

Things to do in Petrified Forest

There are a lot of things you can do in this national park. First of all you could go hiking and there are a lot of different trails in the park. Some of these trails are short and some are a bit longer, but there is also a special area in this national park. Petrified Forest has a trail-less wilderness area and that is really exciting. You can choose to go into this area on foot for a day or you could go horseback riding in this wilderness area. There is a special thing you can do in this area. You could make a short backpack trip in this wilderness area and you can do that overnight. If you want to do that you need a special permit. It’s not very hard to get a special permit you only have to go to the visitor center and ask for it. You need to do this one hour before the park closes. When you are in this area you need to know that there are  a couple of special rules. If you want to know them before you make this trip you can visit the website of Petrified Forest. You could also ask it when you are in the visitor center in the park. If you don’t want to go alone on of the the trails there are a couple of tours you could take when you are in the park. For the exact schedule you can visit the website of the national park.

Campgrounds near to Petrified Forest

It is not possible to stay overnight in the national park so if you are traveling with your RV and you don’t want to do the night backpacking you need to stay at an other campground in the area because this national park is worth a long visit. Just 26 miles away from the park there is a great KOA campground with everything you need when you are traveling with your RV. For more information you can visit the website of this KOA campground.

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