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Olympic National Park has olmost everything you would wish for in a national park. You can find mountains, ocean tidepools, meadows of wildflowers and more in Olympic National Park. If you want to see everything in this national park you need more than just one day to discover the park. Olympic National Park is really big so keep in mind that if you want to drive to another part of the park it could take some time.






Things to do in Olympic National Park

You could do all kind of things in this national park. Let’s start with the coast side of the park. The park has different types of coasts like sandy beaches, but there are also cliffs and beaches with rocks. These are the different parts of the coast.
-Kalaloch: This is a part of the coast with  sandy beaches. You can follow some nature trails here and there is a picnic area.
-Lake Ozette Area: This is a place 3 miles from the pacific coast, but it’s a popular place to stay because of the easy acces to the coast
-Mora: There are some nature trails here and the beaches are sandy, but 2 miles beyond Mora you can find Rialto Beach. Rialto Beach has a rocky beach.
If you want to visit one of these beaches you should get a tide table at the visitor center in the park and make sure you always carry the tide table with you.

Olympic National Park doesn’t only have beaches, but also lakes. Lake Crescent is a big and special lake. This lake was seperated from another lake by a landslide 7000 years ago. In this area you can find 2 big lakes that are seperated and it’s special when you amagine that those 2 lakes were 1 lake many, many years ago.

The mountains are also beautiful to visit and there are different things you could do and see on the mountains. When you are driving with your RV this is the only place you can reach in the mountains.
-Hurricane Ridge: This mountain is easy to reach because of the paved road. You can find a visitor center here, different nature trails, a snack bar and a giftshop.

Olympic National Park also has rain forest called Hoh rainforest. Every year this area has to deal with 12 feet of rain so that makes it possible for a rainforest to grow in this area. There is a visitor center, a picnic area and there are different self guided nature trails.

There are different routes for auto touring. If you want to do an auto tour you should ask for more information at the visitor center so you know wich roads are closed, open or not suitable for a RV.

Deer Park is a beautiful part of the park with an amazing scenery. There are hiking trails to discover this part of the park, but there is a downside to this area. You can not reach Deer Park with a RV.

There is also a part of the park that’s great for short visits. This part of the park is called Quinault Valley and is located in the southwestern area of the park. You could make a scenic drive here or follow one of the shorter trails through the temperate rainsforest. This is a great part of the park if you just want to stay one day in the park.

For more information about the national park you can visit the website of Olympic National Park.

Campgrounds in and near Olympic National Park

There are a couple of campgrounds in the national park that allow rv’s, but there are length restrictions. Most of the campgrounds don’t allow RVs longer than 21′ and some campgrounds allow RVs that are not longer than 31′. For more information about these campgrounds and to see wich campgrounds allow RVs you could visit the website of Olympic National Park.

If you don’t want to stay in the national park or if your RV is to big you could also choose to go to the KOA campground near to Port Angeles. The campground has free wi-fi, a hot tub, a sauna, a pool, cable tv, full hook ups and more. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Port Angeles / Sequim.



  1. Brent says:

    Hello. Do you have any idea of the name of the lake on your home page. When you hover over it the text says olympicnationalpark2.

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    • Jeffrey says:


      I think the lake is called Lunch Lake. What you could do if you want to visit Olympic National Park is take that image with you and askwhere the lake is at the visitor center, they will know it for sure.

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      Jeffrey (rv-trips team)

  2. Paulo Truman says:

    I love so much this park.

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