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This memorial is located in the Black Hills in South Dakota and shows people their rich heritage and that’s a discovery! Of course their is something what makes this memorial famous around the whole world: the giant statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Of course you know these statues but do you know why these four presidents were choosen for the statues?

-George Washington (1st president) led the colonists in the war for independence against the British. He is not only ‘the father’ of the new country he also made a beginning for democracy.
-Thomas Jefferson (3rd president) he wrote the Declaration of Independence. This was a document that inspired democracies worldwide.
-Abraham Lincoln (16th president) held the country togheter during the civil war. He also wanted the slavery to stop.
-Theodore Roosevelt (26th president) led the USA through economic growth in the 20th century. He was known as ‘trust buster’ because he ensured rights for the common working man and ended large corporate monopolies.

The statues were finished on 31 october 1941, 14 years after the start of the memorial.

Things to do in Mount Rushmore National Memorial

There are not a lot of things you could do, but there are a couple of different tours. First of all there are ranger walks. A ranger walk takes 30 minutes and the ranger will tell you a lot about the black hills and the statues. The ranger walks are free and you can find a schedule in the visitor center.
-There is also a sculptor’s studio talk and you will learn everything about the techniques that the sculptor used to make the statues. The talk takes about 15 minutes and is also free. You can find a schedule at the visitor center.
-Besides these two talks there is an evening Program. You will join a ranger in an amphitheater and you will learn everything about the presidents, patriotism and the nation’s history. The program starts with a talk of the ranger and it’s followed by a movie called Freedom. The evening program takes about 45 minutes and is free. If the wheater is bad this evening program is cancelled.
-You could also rent an audio tour at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The audiotour takes 30-120 minutes and tells you all about the history of the statues and the black hills while you’re walking a scenic route around the park. The audiotour is free.
-Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota Heritage Village are three places located along the first section of the Presidential Trail. You will learn a lot of things over the Black Hills and the Indian tribes who lived here for thousands of years. Visiting these three places will take about 10-30 minutes, depanding on how much you want to read about the history of this park.

For more information about this national memorial you can visit the website of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Campground near to Mount Rushmore National Memorial

There is no campground in the park but there is a nice KOA campground close to Mount Rushmore National Memorial. This KOA campground has everything you need when you are travelling with a RV. For more information you can visit the website of KOA Mount Rushmore.








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