You will find Mount Hood National Forest just 20 miles east from Portland and it’s easy to reach. Mount Hood National Forest has a lot to offer like: a couple of lakes, mountains, waterfalls, forests of course and more! This park is mount-hoodnamed after the highest mountain in Oregon that’s located in this national forest: Mount Hood. This mountain is so high that it’s a big part of the Portland skyline.

Things to do in Mount Hood National Forest

This really is a beautifull national forest and there is enough to do in the summer and in the winter.

In the summer you can enjoy activities like boating, fishing, mountain biking, hiking on one of the many trails or you could go camping. Hiking is fun to do in this park and there are a lot of trails. The shortest trail is only half a mile long, but the longest trail is 13,2 miles long! Everyone can find an exciting trail here.
There are a couple of lakes in this park so you also could go kayaking on one of the lakes, a realaxing and fun thing to do. Two other popular activities in this national forest are berry picking mount-hood-waterfalland collecting mushrooms. An other possibility is to go climbing. This is a challenging activity, but it’s also fun! Be sure to visit the visitor center in the park first before you go and explore the national forest!

Also during the wintertime there is enough to do in this national forest. The mountains offer great skiing opportunities and of course if snowboarding is more your thing that’s possible to. If you want to do something else in the snow that’s possible to. In some parts ofthe national forest it’s allowed to go snowmobiling and that’s really fun to do. Be sure to visit the visitor center first because you need a permit if you want to go skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling.
If you visit this national forest in December don’t be surprised when you see some people cutting down trees. A long standing tradition for families in this area is to come to this national forest and cut down there own Christmas tree, a really fun tradition!

For more information about the national forest you can visit the website of Mount Hood National Forest.

Campground near Mount Hood National Parkmounthood-rv-village

Mount Hood Village RV Resort is a campground located close to the national forest and therefor a perfect base for your Mount Hood adventures! The campground has full hook-ups and everything else you need when you are travelling around with your RV. For more information you can visit the website of Mount Hood Village RV Resort.

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