Lake WoodruffLake Woodruff National Park is a kind of unknown treasure for people who love nature  and photography. After a drive of 30 minutes from Orlando you are in a small town called DeLeon Springs. This is the place where you will find this big and amazing national park. The park is the home of all kinds of different animals like the gray foxes, manatees, Gopher turtles, different kinds of deers and more then 200 different kinds of birds. One of the special birds is the Southern Bald Eagle.
This park is actually a protected area for some different endangered species and it’s a good place for birds to spend the winter. But now a days you can also visit it. There are a lot of different hiking trails and you could also go cycling through the park. There is even a viewing tower in the park. If you are in this tower you will have a great view, guaranteed. For more information you can visit the website of Lake Woodruff National Park by clicking here.  Make sure that you visit the visitor center when you are in the park for all the important and up to date information.

Camping options in Lake Woodruff National Park

If you travel with your RV you need to find an other sleeping place. It’s not allowed to spend the night in the national park. In the area of Lake Woodruff National Park are some other campgrounds. So don’t worry about a sleeping place and enjoy a day in Lake Woodruff National Park.

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